To Get Healthy

Everyone wants to lead a long and happy life, but in many cases lives are cut short by some of the great killers of today.  The killers I am referring to are heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  As these diseases have become more common over the years it has made scientists look at the relevance between the diseases and lifestyle.  These diseases are not as common in areas populated by indigenous people who live more on greens with fairly stress free lives.  Healthy living is a key factor!

 to get healthy

Although our diets and lifestyles are not the only cause for these diseases research has shown they can trigger the illness and, although you may be fine now, what you put your body through now will affect you in later life.  I know this may seem a bit doom and gloom but it is the only way to get people to think about it now.  Changing your ways and improving not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental health will make a big difference to your life now aswell as in the future.

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The majority of people think they know if they are at a good fitness level and if their diet is good or not, but in reality their lives would not hold up very well if scrutinised.  Are your getting the right nutrition in your diet?  Can you remember when you last had the recommended five fruit and veg a day?  Do you get all the vitamins you need from your food? How well would you manage is you had to walk up 10 flights of stairs?

The trend for some nowadays is to detox to help your body recover from all the toxins that we are putting into our body, but this still needs to be done right to get the best results.

Weight loss should always be accompanied by exercise but alot of the time the exercise is forgotten about due to lack of time so our fitness levels suffer.  If you want a healthy body then during weight loss you should aim for your ideal weight, plus you should aim to take regular exercise.  Alot of people complain about their weight, but in reality all they need to do is tone up the body they have.  When you have a regular exercise program your fitness will improve quicker and usually you will start to enjoy it when you start to see the results.

Fitting this in when you have a hectic life can be hard but if you have a stressful career or are prone to stress or depression then a good exercise routine can be a major help to your stress management, and also lower your anxiety levels to help avoid panic attacks.

Your health and wellbeing is made of many different aspects and getting the balance right is very hard to do.  It is little wonder that their are very few people that can honestly say they feel totally healthy every day, worse still many people do not who what it feels like to be truly healthy.